Rules & Regulations

  • All students must be in school in time and attend the prayer punctually.
  • Every student must bring the school hand dairy to school everyday.
  • It is compulsory for every student to come to school in full uniform including footwear and hairstyle.
  • Children must take care of their own books, pens, pencils, bags and boxes which they bring to school.
  • Children are expected to keep their text books and note books neatly covered and in proper order.
  • Students are not allowed to wear gold or silver ornaments to school. The school is not responsible for any loss.
  • It is important that children should attend the school regularly. Unnecessary leave taken by children must be stopped as it will affect child’s education.
  • Children will not be allowed in school if taken leave unless there is a reasonble leave letter.
  • The students should not be sent to school if they have any infectious diseases like Flu, Mumps, Measles, infective Hepatitis, Severe cold, Typhoid etc.
  • Pupils absent for any examination will not be allowed for er-exam.
  • It is responsibility of students to see that the school premises, class rooms and surroudings are kept clean at all times. Waste paper should always be thrown in the waste paper baskets and bins kept for the purpose.
  • Honesty is expected from every student. If a student find something that does not belong to him/her, should hand over them to the school office. Students who have lost any articles may enquire about them in the school office.

Parent’s co – operation

Since education begins at home, a joint effort by parents and school alone will bring about the all – round development of their children.  Hence, parents are expected

  • To inculcate in their children love, punctuality, sense of cleanliness, friendliness and self – discipline.
  • To check regularly their note books, schools diaries and report cards and to take adequate measures for the progress of their children.
  • To contact the Principal from time to time and to discuss with him/her matters connected with the conduct and academic progress of the children.
  • To supplement class room teaching with certain amount of guidance at home. Especially through conversation in English.
  • To seek leave of absence only in unavoidable cirumstances, and only through the leave form.
  • Not to contact teachers or students during class hours.
  • Attend the parent teacher meetings held in the school regularly.
  • Parents are welcome to meet the correnspondent or Administrative Officer or the Principal on all working days.

The co-operation of all parents is expected in ensuring the pupils attendance, conduct and academic progress.